Wavves Creates a Comic Book

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Wavves Creates a Comic Book

Noise-pop maker and all-around cannabis enthusiast Nathan Williams of Wavves has created a comic book called Negative Dad, according to Pitchfork.

Williams created the comic with the help of illustrator Nicholas Gazin and friend Matt Barajas, who helped with the writing.

According to Gazin, “Negative Dad is like an extra retarded X-Men. There’s heshers, evil parents, cat people, juvenile delinquents with partially functioning mutant powers, aliens, dreams.”

He also said there will be at least 12 issues, probably packaged with a cassette. “This is going to be our gift (although it will cost money) to people who enjoy pot,” he said. “Put the tape on, put in a beanbag chair in a space small enough to get clambaked and just read the comic and stare at the pictures and chuckle at the pictures while your friend plays Nintendo and eats all your Pirate Booty or something.”