Apple Signs Cloud Service Deal With EMI?

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Apple Signs Cloud Service Deal With EMI?

CNET reports that Apple has signed a cloud music licensing agreement with EMI Music and will likely soon close deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

EMI is the second of the major labels to sign with Apple, as Warner Music Group previously signed an agreement with the technology company. The other two labels could reach a deal with Apple as early as next week, sources said to CNET.

Having the support of the labels allows Apple to launch a fully licensed cloud music service, unlike the recently launched Google and Amazon services.

The cloud is a subscription-based service that allows users streaming access to their music libraries from any web-accessible devices. Once a consumer ends their subscription, they lose their library. Apple will be able to provide more features to users, from their deals with the labels.

There has been no word as to when Apple will announce the deals or premiere the cloud service. At the moment neither the Apple nor the labels have given a statement.