Bradley Cooper to Star in Paradise Lost Film?

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Bradley Cooper to Star in <em>Paradise Lost</em> Film?

Via Variety: Bradley Cooper is in early talks with Legendary Pictures for the role of Lucifer in an adaptation of the epic poem Paradise Lost.

An official offer has not yet been made, but negotiations are expected to begin shortly for the Alex Proyas’ project that has been long in development.

The adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost will tell the story of the war in heaven between archangels Michael and Lucifier and the devil’s involvement in Adam and Eve’s fall from grace as an action flick that will feature aerial combat.

It’s likely that the film will distribute worldwide under the Legendary and Warner Bros.’ co-production and co-financing agreement.

Cooper is currently in negotiations for the lead role in Legendary’s remake of The Crow and stars in the summer comedy_The Hangover II_, which hits theaters May 26.