Diddy Gets His Own Magazine

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Diddy — or Swag, as he likes to be called — now has a print outlet to add to his empire. He just released his MYMAG, Diddy Dirty Money.

MYMAG is an outlet for celebrities and notable characters of society to share their lives with fans through a personilized magazine. Diddy Dirty Money will feature unseen photographs, personal thoughts and from Diddy and band members Kalenna and Dawn.

An article with Myfoxal.com quoted Diddy about his thoughts on the new magazine.

“I’ve always loved art magazines and dope books,” he said. “The DDM magazine gave us a chance to illustrate some of our personality and share pieces of some of the elements and people who have inspired our collective journey. Diddy Dirty Money features some of our all-time favorite articles, photographs mixed in with some of our own content… it’s an accurate glimpse into our respective lives.”

The magazine is now available for online consumtion for $12, and will also be available at select Barnes & Noble locations and select newsstands on May 31.

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