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A surprise Flaming Lips EP hit the Internet a couple days ago. The group has been hard at work with experimental electronica artist Prefuse 73 (real name: Guillermo Scott Herren) to produce the four track release.

Prefuse 73 has collaborated with just about everyone over the years, including members of the Dirty Projectors, Zola Jesus and Broadcast, so the Flaming Lips seemed to be a natural progression. The pair have meshed together quite well on this new collaborative EP, and the release is yet another strong track birthed from the Lips’ new method of recording. The band has promised to release one track a month this year instead of a brand new album.

Frontman Wayne Coyne posted an image of the record yesterday on his Twitter just before releasing the tracks. The red swirling design looks sort of like what we imagine getting sucked into a blackhole would. This colored “freak-out” vinyl seems fitting for the super spacey and futuristic collaboration that has come from this experimental EP. The album jumps from slow-paced, ambient noise to tracks full of frenetic screeching and squealing vocals.

The Flaming Lips  have been playing around with other musicians a whole lot lately, and we like what we’ve been hearing. They’ve promised to work with Panda Bear and Ariel Pink by year’s end, and if this EP is a sign of things to come, these new couplings are sure to be mind-blowingly bizarre musical beauty.

Tracks are available for stream here. Unfortunately, the physical copy of the record is only available at Guestroom Records in Oklahoma City.

“Be Like That…That…That…”

“Guillermo’s Bolero”

“Heavy Star Moving…”

“The Super Moon Made Me Want to Pee”

(Thanks to Psych Explorations of the Future Heart for the stream. )

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