Modern Warfare 3 Details Leaked

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<em>Modern Warfare 3</em> Details Leaked

Multiple sources have revealed to Kotaku exclusive details about Modern Warfare 3, the third installation in the insanely popular first-person-shooter series from Infinity Ward, due out November 8, 2011.

According to the sources, MW 3 will pick up moments after MW 2’s cliffhanger ending, and will result in a globe-trotting experience, with firefights taking place in New York, London and Paris. The plot will continue the format of short, contained experiences telling the tale of a global conflict from many different perspectives, and will offer a number of vehicles to pilot, including the well known AC-130 gunship in addition to a spot in the U.S. Armored Division driving a tank.

In the single-player campaign, players will experience the end to the MW storyline, wrapping up a number of questions from previous entries. The story will also follow two Delta Force operatives known as “Frost” and “Sandman.” As for the multiplayer, the game will ship with as many as 20 maps from locales across the globe. Overall, though, the formula is largely unchanged.

For more detailed information, including spoiler-rific plot specifics, check out Kotaku’s extensive coverage.