Motown Historical Museum Unveils Marvin Gaye Exhibit

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Singer Marvin Gaye is being honored by the Motown Historical Museum with an exhibit paying tribute to his life and his music.

The exhibit chronicles Gaye’s two decades at Motown Records, displaying artifacts from 1960 to 1982 at the Detroit museum. Costumes, album covers, sheet music and more pieces are being featured at the museum, which is in the home of the original Motown Record Corp., now through September.

Janis Gaye, Gaye’s ex-wife, is planning to loan a few items, including his signature silver platform boots and his Grammy awards, to the museum.

“I would just like for people to see his whole body of work,” Janis Gaye said. “Socially conscious, sexually conscious, whatever it happens to be. It’s all Marvin. It all came from that one mind.”

The museum also plans to have John Legend and The Roots perform the What’s Going On album at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra next May to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gaye performing the album at the same venue.

Janis told the Associated Press that she is currently writing a book about her life with Gaye and expects it will be released later this year.

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