Paste Goes To PAX East

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<em>Paste</em> Goes To PAX East

March, 2011 - I was standing in a line for a PAX East press pass when Curt Schilling walked in, garnering absolutely no reaction from the people around me. That's the only time that's ever happened anywhere in Boston. That's like Norm not being recognized in Cheers. He might look like a taller version of your lumpy suburban dad, but he's still Curt Schilling, outspoken baseball superstar and famous video-game big shot. His face beamed from a nearby newspaper box, filling out the cover of every issue within. Nobody bothered him as he walked through the lobby.


Garrett Martin writes about video games, comic books, and music for a number of regional and national publications. He covers video games for the Boston Herald, edits a weekly comic review column at&nbsp;Paste, and is an editor and writer for Voice Media’s games blog Joystick Division.