PSN Update: Service Restored

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After 23 days of downtime, Sony finally began the process of bringing the PlayStation Network back online. Late Saturday night, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai released a statement informing players that PSN and Qriocity service would be up and running shortly in most regions.

The service restoration will once again allow access to third-party PSN-based programs, such as Hulu and Netflix, but the PlayStation Store will remain down until a future date. The system is now back up and running in North America, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and South America, but remains down in Japan. This is due to Japanese officials demanding Sony ensure that sufficient security measures have been put in places to prevent a future breach.

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with an in-depth FAQ detailing exactly what services are and are not currently operational, as well as information regarding various events that were missed due to the outage. Sony is currently working with game companies to ensure events such as the Black Ops double xp weekend are rescheduled.

At present, Sony has not expanded on their promise of “welcome back” incentives but has stated that more information regarding reward specifics and redemption is on the way and will be announced soon.

So what does this mean for you? Upon signing in to the PSN, users will be prompted to change their account password. Passwords can only be changed on the PS3 system they were registered on, or through a verified email. Sony has detailed the process here and will be working with users who encounter problems accessing their accounts. Other than that? Get back out there and play.

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