Rilo Kiley's Pierre de Reeder Starts New Label

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Rilo Kiley’s guitarist Pierre de Reeder has started his own music label, Little Record Company.

Four new album releases (from artists Heidecker & Wood, Nik Freitas, Mike Bloom and Miracle Parade) will debut courtesy of Little Record Company between now and July.

Mike Bloom, cofounder of The Elected, is a singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. His debut solo album King of Circles arrives June 7.

Lo-fi Americana enthusiast Miracle Parade’s latest LP Hark!...And Other Lost Transmissions comes out June 21.

Nik Freitas is a self-taught singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. He plays every instrument on his albums, four of which have been released since 2002. The most recent release is Saturday Night Unerwater, which debuts June 7 (you can download the title track for free from his site).

Tim Heidecker, co-creator of the show Tim and Eric Awesome Show joined with Davin Wood (who composed music for the show) to form the duo Heidecker & Wood. Their first album, Starting From Nowhere hearkens to soft ‘70s rock and is available now.

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