Showtime Cancels United States of Tara

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Showtime Cancels <em>United States of Tara</em>

Toni Collette’s role as an on-the-fringe mother dealing with dissociative personality disorder is coming to a close.

Showtime announced earlier today that its critically acclaimed series The United States of Tara will not be renewed after its third season. Despite its initial warm reception from viewers, the program’s ratings slowly began to topple until even Collette’s 2009 Emmy and Golden Globe wins couldn’t save the dramedy.

Series creator Diablo Cody (who developed the show based off an idea from Steven Spielberg), is best known for her work with 2007’s Juno and her tendency to be fiercely outspoken, even in the case of her own work. After the wrap of season one, Cody expressed her frustration with the series, stating that if she hadn’t created the program, she likely wouldn’t watch it.

Critics praised the show for its unique ability to mesh the dark corners of mental illness with the accessible quirks of prime-time comedy. In its three season run, Collette’s character tackled everything from sexual harassment to plastic surgery in her character’s suburban Kansas home.

On a more positive note, Showtime also announced it had ordered a fourth season of its popular series Nurse Jackie.