Sid Meier Says Civ World For Facebook Will Be a Full Civilization Game

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Sid Meier Says <em>Civ World</em> For Facebook Will Be a Full <em>Civilization</em> Game

Sid Meier, creator of Civilization and godfather of computer gaming, is setting his sights on a new frontier: Facebook.

The legendary developer recently talked to CNN about his studio’s upcoming release, Civilization World, which will appear on the emerging gaming-platform of Facebook. Currently known more for FarmVille and Mafia Wars than actual game releases, Facebook doesn’t seem like the place to see a full Civ release, but Meier says the platform is the future of gaming.

“We really weren’t looking to make a quote-unquote ‘Facebook game’,” he said. “We were looking at what does Facebook bring us that is unique, that we can leverage and take advantage of with Civilization-style game play.”

Meier notes that the platform of Facebook fundamentally changes the structure of Civilization, referring to the fact that games will now be played over the course of days instead of hours. Each game will consist of 200 players all vying for supremacy. As always, the goal is to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

“You have your own city to manage and you can do all kinds of stuff (on your own),” Meier says. “However, the most successful players will be those that can also work together with other players.”

Look for Civilization World on Facebook this summer.