Tegan and Sara Speak Out Against Tyler, The Creator

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Tegan and Sara Speak Out Against Tyler, The Creator

Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara recently took to the band’s website to voice her displeasure with Odd Future and the music world for its support of the controversial rappers.

Tyler, The Creator and the rest of Odd Future have caused quite a stir in the industry with music that has been labeled as revolutionary as well as revolting. The hip-hop collective has been touted by many as the genre’s next big thing, but Quin argues that fans shouldn’t overlook the group’s incendiary lyrics full of rape and hate rhetoric.

Quin’s post, “A Call for Change,” not only discusses the rappers’ offensive lyrics, but the lack of criticism the group has received as well.

Quin writes:

The Twitterverse has responded to the piece, starting the discussion that, as Quin pointed out, has been ignored up until now.

To read Quin’s piece in its entirety, visit the Tegan and Sara website here.