Watch Thom Yorke Perform Another Surprise DJ Set with Flying Lotus

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Back in March, Thom Yorke joined beatsmith Flying Lotus for a surprise DJ set. The two musicians returned to the Low End Theory for yet another surprise performance earlier this week.

“The two trade off song by song, like show and tell,” said the L.A. Times, describing the set. “Yorke brings tracks that sound like Radiohead songs submerged. No one knows what exactly.”

Radiohead  tracks “Reckoner” and “Bloom,” from the band’s most recent King of Limbs, reportedly made appearances in the set. Flying Lotus worked in a song from Odd Future poster-boy Tyler, the Creator’s upcoming Goblin. And, of course, Thom Yorke danced around like the awesome weirdy that he is. “No Surprises” there. (See what we did with that?)

Head over to L.A. Record and Polaroids at Gorilla vs. Bear for photos from the set, and check out footage of the performance below:

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