Apple Takes Steps to Block iPhone Users from Filming Concerts

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Apple may someday make it impossible for iPhone users to record live video of the concerts they go to. According to the Daily Mail, the company has filed a patent for software that would allow the phone to detect infrared sensors installed by venues and shut off the camera if the person tries to film the event.

Though shaky, blurry YouTube videos are no substitute for the real thing, concert promoters and record companies are looking for any way they can to cut down on illegal footage. Apple’s new technology could give promoters greater control over their audience and may be especially important to venues that record high definition videos of their concerts to sell.

Though the public has just become aware of the project, Apple actually filed the patent 18 months ago. It’s still unclear as to when the software will be integrated into smartphones, if at all. For now, go ahead and film that My Morning Jacket show. No one’s stopping you…yet.

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