Bright Eyes Releases Video For "Jejune Stars"

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Bright Eyes Releases Video For "Jejune Stars"

Recently resurrected, Bright Eyes released the video for “Jejune Stars,” off their comeback album, The People’s Key.

“Jejune” means dull, lacking significance, making “Jejune Stars” sound like an oxymoron — but that’s kind of how the video brings the song to life.

Omaha’s anguished poet, Conor Oberst, stands front and center with his signature side-swept bang that shields his face from the camera, singing with the somber approach fans seem to soak up.

The band doesn’t react much to the Fourth of July explosion happening around them. They just groove, wrapped in the beat of the song — perhaps they themselves are the Jejune Stars.

The video was directed by Lance Acord, the cinematographer for Where the Wild Things Are and Lost In Translation.

Check it out below.