Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Damaged in Fire

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Cowboy Jack Clement's Home Damaged in Fire

Wearing his Elvis-print pajamas, musician and producer Cowboy Jack Clement watched as 40 firefighters hosed down his house Saturday afternoon for more than an hour—the result of an undetermined fire.

Clement’s Tennessee home has been the site of legendary recordings, including those of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and John Prine. In his 30-year-old studio, the producer stored master tapes of these recordings, as well as other memorabilia that was lost in the fire.

However, Clement’s girlfriend, friends and three cats managed to escape the fire. He also was able to retrieve his “baby”—a Gibson J200 he purchased in 1951 while in the Marines. The guitar reportedly was scratched by Elvis Presley’s belt buckle.

“That guitar means more to me than the house,” Clement told The Tennessean.

Clement has worked with rock ‘n’ roll legends Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins, as well as many others. He’s produced tracks for U2 and Louis Armstrong.

The 80-year-old producer bought the house 1970.