Keanu Reeves Writes Satire On His Sadness

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Keanu Reeves Writes Satire On His Sadness

Keanu Reeves  is embracing his internet-diagnosed depression.

With the help of his friend and illustrator Alexandra Grant, Reeves created a picture book of sadness.

He described the inception of the book, An Ode To Happiness, to The Guardian:

The pages of the book are mostly barren, save for a blotchy black ink image that is made to look tear-streaked, and at the bottom of the pages are grossly exaggerated statements of anguish.

The first page says, “I draw a hot sorrow bath,” and the second says, “In my despair room.”

The commotion surrounding Reeves’ mental state came about when a photo of him surfaced looking very glum. After that, he even had a “Cheer Up Keanu Day,” in his honor.

And he’s already thinking about a sequel.