Monty Python Members to Voice Graham Chapman Film

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Monty Python Members to Voice Graham Chapman Film

The members of comedy troupe Monty Python have come together to voice an animated film based on Graham Chapman’s memoir A Liar’s Autobiography (Volume VI).

Chapman, who passed away in 1989 from cancer, wrote the book in 1980. It was later republished in 1999, with a foreword by Eric Idle.

Monty Python’s John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones have signed on to contribute to the film. Idle will not be involved.

The film’s co-director, Jeff Simpson, told the BBC that producers worked closely with Chapman’s estate and Python members “to get this exactly right.”

”[Chapman’s] work is being reimagined in glorious 3D — he always loved wearing silly glasses,” said Simpson.

A Liar’s Autobiography is set to release in spring 2012.