No Age, Crystal Antlers and More Participate in L.A.-Themed Benefit Album

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Celebrating all things from the City of Angels, Beat L.A. is a new compilation of covers scheduled for release July 26 via the folks at Narnack/Great Minds.

The record will benefit Doctors Without Borders Haiti relief efforts and features current acts including Best Coasts’ Bobb Bruno, Crystal Antlers and No Age covering classic acts like Minutemen, The Germs and X.

Below, listen to Crystal Antlers cover Black Randy and the Metrosquad’s “”I Slept in an Arcade and check out the album’s tracklist.

Beat L.A.:

1. Jarrett Silberman: “I Hear Your Heart Singing” (The Gun Club cover)
2. Rats: “The Unheard Music” (X cover)
3. Modern Memory: “Brave Captain”(fIREHOSE cover)
4. Brother Reade: “Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?” (Minutemen cover)
5. Imaad Wasif: “Go Insane” (The Doors cover)
6. Bobb Bruno: “Scratch Out the Sky” (Distorted Pony cover)
7. Slang Chickens: “Romeo’s Distress” (Christian Death cover)
8. Nathaniel Eras: “Gidget Goes to Hell” (Suburban Lawns cover)
9. Boom Bip: “Lost Weekend [ft. Buck 65]” (Wall of Voodoo cover)
10. Microphonies: “We Got the Beat” (The Go-Gos cover)
11. Devon Williams: “Yellow Pills” (20/20 cover)
12. Josh Klinghoffer: “Anymore” (Thelonious Monster cover)
13. Crystal Antlers: “I Slept in an Arcade” (Black Randy & the Metrosquad cover)
14. No Age: “Male Masturbation” (The Urinals cover)
15. Geisha Girls: “Dream Hits II” (45 Grave cover)
16. Nonon: “White Girl” (X cover)
17. Signals: “Richie Dagger’s Crime” (The Germs cover)
18. Lords of Altamont: “Knock Knock” (The Humane Society cover)
19. Night Horse: “Lie Beg Borrow and Steal” (The Plimsouls cover)
20. Angus Khan: “Rock Fight” (Cheech & Chong cover)
21. Anglos: “Days of Wine and Roses” (Dream Syndicate cover)
22. Lucky Dragons: “Alien Point of View” (Nervous Gender cover)

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