Update: Penn Badgley Not Cast as Jeff Buckley in Biopic

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Update: Penn Badgley Not Cast as Jeff Buckley in Biopic

Orion Williams, co-producer of the upcoming Jeff Buckley biopic, denied rumors that Penn Badgley will take on the role of the late singer.

Williams did tell the Los Angeles Times that he’s met with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, who was interested in auditioning for the film, but only in preliminary meetings.

Many different actors and musicians have expressed interest in the role, Williams said. But producers are most likely going to cast a more unknown actor for the role, someone without the pressure of big celebrity expectations.

”[The producers] are all very unified in our search to find the perfect person to play Jeff,” Williams said. “When you have a story about an individual like Jeff you get a lot of interest because his life was so impactful and so short.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Williams, along with producer Michelle Sy, casting director Billy Hopkins and executive producer Mary Guibert (Buckley’s mother), is still seeking out actors for the casting process, which will likely begin in October.