Possible Justin Vernon/ Neil Young Collaboration?

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Possible Justin Vernon/ Neil Young Collaboration?

Being too tired to work with every music legend that knocks on your door sounds like a great problem to have.

Justin Vernon  recently revealed that Neil Young was the latest icon to seek a collaboration with him, though the Bon Iver frontman didn’t say if he was going to take Young up on the offer.

In an interview with The Guardian, Vernon commented on his exhaustion, saying, “I think the easiest way to explain it is that before, when I had other jobs or whatever, all I ever wanted to do was play music all of the time…And then you get tired, and you think, ‘Well, I’d better say no to everything from now on.’”

Vernon did say, however, that a collaboration with Young may be too good to pass up.

Neil Young called two days ago, and I’m almost like: ‘Oh fuck,’ because whatever he’s going to say I’m going to want to deal with, you know?”

Keep your fingers crossed that Vernon’s schedule opens up once the new Bon Iver album comes out Jun 20.