Smell-O-Vision: Wafting Through a Television Near You?

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For those of us whose empty cabinets and late-night viewings of The Food Network don’t generate enough cravings, the folks over at Samsung have partnered with researchers from The University of California San Diego to revive the long-tinkered-with concept of Smell-O-Vision.

While the idea of pairing scents with entertainment has been around for years (Walt Disney even considered incorporating various smells into Fantasia), recent technological advancements seem primed to succeed in bringing a complete sensory experience into your living room.

According to Gizmodo, the technology works by using a 100×100 matrix of thin metal wires that heat any one of 10 thousand smell-forming aqueus solutions, allowing for 10 thousand different smells. Researchers tested the device with two perfumes, “Live” by Jennifer Lopez and “Passion” by Elizabeth Taylor, and testers were able to distinguish the two scents within 30 centimeters.

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