The Voice Review: Live Episode 1.4

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The Voice has flatlined a bit since the audition portion at the start of the series. But now, already in the final week of the show, its expedited process has kept my attention.

The show keeps throwing in twists and turns that save it from falling prey to a mere 15 minutes of fame. Last night’s episode featured original music from the final four contestants: Cee Lo Green’s Vicci Martinez, Adam Levine’s Javier Colon, Christina Aguilera’s Beverly McClellan and Blake Shelton’s Dia Frampton.

Keeping up with the interesting layout of the game, the contestants’ coaches picked the producer of their choice to mold their team member’s original music. Green chose a song from mega-producer Butch Walker for Martinez, but despite the professional help her song “Afraid To Sleep” only came out so-so.

All the players on The Voice have a tangible level of talent, but it’s Colon and Frampton who performed believable radio hits. Currently stealing the number one spot on iTunes, Frampton’s “Inventing Shadows,” took the cake for best original song of the night. Although she is most deserving of the season win, Colon is easier to relate to. A likable family man, it looks like he might reign.

It didn’t hurt that Colon also performed a saucy rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror,” alongside coach Levine. The original songs were the last voteable performances but the mentor-mentee duets stole the spotlight.

There is nothing dull about Cee Lo Green. Last night’s episode of The Voice only reinforced his knack for flair. Despite the mediocre performances of Martinez, his last team member standing, they put on an outlandish yet entertaining rendition of Pat Benetar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.” Green sported a flaming red costume adorned with spikes and a giant Mohawk. It was nothing short of captivating.

Frampton and Shelton performed a sleek and fun rendition of Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down,” in matching suits and Ray Bans. Perhaps Shelton isn’t as weighed down by the chains of fame as the other coaches, because he really took the term “coach” to heart this season, and the camaraderie between him and Frampton was evident in their performance.

It’s a multifaceted production, and that aspect of the show has kept it alive. Tonight, we get to find out who gets crowned the winner, but I’m willing to bet the real draw will be the celebrity-contestant mash-ups.

Watch Cee Lo and Vicci Martinez charge Pat Benetar’s “Love is a Battlefield” below.

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