Watch Janelle Monáe and Radiohead Play Glastonbury

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Watch Janelle Monáe and Radiohead Play Glastonbury

Glastonbury  attendees were in for a real treat this past weekend with lots of wonderful performances from some stellar artists. Janelle Monáe and Radiohead hit the stage with some seriously awesome performances.

According to NME, Janelle Monáe upped her album sales by nearly 5000 percent after her Glastonbury performance. You can see why when you watch her remarkable performance of “Tightrope.”

Radiohead performed the relatively new song “The Daily Mail.” While Thom Yorke has performed this a number of times at some of his solo performances, Glastonbury was one of the first times the band performed it together.

Watch Radiohead’s performance of “The Daily Mail” and Janelle Monáe’s performance of “Tightrope” below, courtesy of the BBC.

Radiohead  – “The Daily Mail”

Janelle Monae  – “Tightrope”