Watch the Trailer for Moneyball Featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

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Watch the Trailer for <em>Moneyball</em> Featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

A new trailer for Moneyball, the upcoming baseball drama featuring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, has recently been released.

Based on the book by Michael Lewis, the movie features Pitt as Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane, who takes a risky but successful approach to selecting players on a tight budget. With the help of Peter Brand, an inexperienced statistician played by Jonah Hill, Beane comes up with strategy that approaches baseball like “card counters at the blackjack table” rather relying on traditional methods.

The team assembles a host of misfit players and faces some initial adversity before the numbers finally start to add up. Neither Pitt nor Hill are known to for this kind of role, so Moneyball promises be more than your standard underdog-beats-the-odds sports film.

Watch the trailer here: