New Season of Weeds to Take Place in the Future

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New Season of <em>Weeds</em> to Take Place in the Future

The last season of Showtime’s Weeds left viewers hanging as Nancy Botwin (spoiler alert) opted for “Plan C,” turning herself in to the police in order to keep her family out of trouble.

But it seems that life for the Botwin clan is about to get even more bizarre. According to the folks at Entertainment Weekly, season seven of the series that celebrates all things green will take place three years in the future, as Nancy is released from custody into a witness protection that places her in the streets of New York City (On Location Vacations reports that the series has been filming in various locations throughout the Big Apple).

But viewers who are worried about the series’ drug-toting heroine going straight have nothing to worry about. According to the show’s creator Jenji Kohan, Nancy’s recent incarceration doesn’t stop the displaced dealer from scheming to restart the business that landed her behind bars in the first place. Kohan says, ‘’I think in a lot of ways that perhaps prison just furthered her education in crime school.’’

You can watch the trailer for the new season of Weeds below.