Bjork Plans Three-Year Educational Tour for Biophelia

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Bjork Plans Three-Year Educational Tour for <em>Biophelia</em>

With a slew of recent developments swirling around her upcoming multimedia album/iPad app/who-knows-what-else project Biophelia, Bjork has added to the LP’s long list of quirks by announcing a three-year educational tour that will accompany its release.

The singer kicks things off with a residency in Manchester, which in addition to music, will feature children’s education, concerts, video games, a full-length documentary and two musical Tesla coils.

Through 2014, the artist hopes to visit eight cities around the world, with the goal of spending a month and a half in each. Besides twice-weekly performances of the album, Bjork will host scientific exhibitions and classes for kids.

Although the dates and specific cities Bjork plans to visit have yet to be released, Pulse films have announced that they will be crafting a documentary of the project.