Download a New Girls Song

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Download a New Girls Song

A few weeks ago Girls announced they would be releasing their second LP Father, Son, Holy Ghost on Sept 13. Now the band has revealed the sixth track on the album, “Vomit.”

The slow-paced and intimate track is a bit different from the beachy upbeat songs that make up much of 2009’s Album and last year’s EP, Broken Dreams Club. It builds up from more traditional-sounding Girls track into a complicated instrumental masterpiece.

Frontman Christopher Owens talks about the new song in a press release.

“I wrote ‘Vomit’ before Girls was even a band or an idea,” says Owens. “This is one of the first songs I ever wrote along with ‘Substance’ and ‘Headache’ what you’re hearing in ‘Vomit’ is someone who is at life’s lowest, seeing the light and becoming a songwriter.”

Download “Vomit” by right-clicking the link below:

Girls – Vomit