Girls Announce New Album

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Yesterday, we posted the cryptic widget created by San Fransisco’s melancholy indie-crooners Girls. And while it was unclear as to what purpose the device actually served, the white square, which slowly reveals various phrases, was assumed to contain hints and track titles from the group’s upcoming record.

But for a PR move that stirred up a substantial amount buzz, the band definitely didn’t spend much time reveling in the speculation. Earlier today, Girls announced the release of their third LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which is scheduled for release Sept. 13 via True Panther Sounds, and the album cover is strikingly similar to its related widget.

Check out the both the track list and album cover below.


Father, Son, Holy Ghost

1. Honey Bunny
2. Alex
3. Die
4. Saying I Love You
5. My Ma
6. Vomit
7. Just a Song
8. Magic
9. Forgiveness
10. Love Like a River
11. Jamie Marie

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