Grooveshark Moving Towards Artist Development

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The international music streaming and music search engine site Grooveshark has its sights set on expansion.

According to the company’s CEO Sam Tarantino, via Bloomberg, the subscription-based service is planning to try its hand at artist development. Tarantino says, “Our big focus is really around artists, that’s the main thing that separates us. We’re a big believer in breaking artists as a platform, so that’s where we’re putting all of our attention right now.”

Recently, Grooveshark announced a similar endeavor that would partner the site with Rocket Science and Indaba Music. Tarantino believes that his company’s involvement in not only broadcasting but launching new artists, will generate a substantially larger revenue stream saying, “Ultimately we see the big core of this business as artist development.”

Grooveshark already boasts a large clientele with its radio-reminiscent model, but it remains to be seen if the site will succeed beyond its trusted format.

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