Kurt Cobain's Hometown to Name a Bridge After Him?

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Kurt Cobain's Hometown to Name a Bridge After Him?

Kurt Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, Wash. may commemorate the famed Nirvana frontman in way he would have openly mocked if he were still living: they want to name a bridge after him.

According to The Seattle Times, the Aberdeen City Council will take a vote on the renaming of the town’s Young Street Bridge during an upcoming July 27 meeting. The decision is apparently pretty controversial, since many residents are disapproving of commemorating the singer who was pretty open about his dislike for the town.

The bridge has become a place for fans of Cobain to go and pay their respects to the artist who died over 17 years ago. According to Spinner, it’s rumored that Kurt may have actually slept under the bridge for some time after he left high school.

If Aberdeen passes the motion, Cobain will join the ranks of The Beatles, Celine Dion and many other famous musicians who have roadways named after them.