Paul Rudd to Star in Movie by Ira Glass, Errol Morris

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Paul Rudd to Star in Movie by Ira Glass, Errol Morris

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is trying out a different kind of film. According to The AV Club, the director has recently announced that he will be working with NPR star Ira Glass to create a film based on an episode of This American Life for the big screen.

The pair have picked funny guy Paul Rudd to play the role of Bob Nelson. Nelson was featured on “You’re Cold As Ice,” an episode about the very beginning of the cryogenics movement. Nelson was one of the first to give the whole cryogenics thing a try by freezing dead people. He was no scientist, just a regular guy who really wanted to help people. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, and Nelson had to tell people that reanimation might not be in their cards.

This role is radically different from the material Rudd usually takes on but with Morris and Glass’ careful hands on it, hopefully the film will be a success.