Tiny Tower Review (iOS)

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<em>Tiny Tower</em> Review (iOS)

“Sorry, I don’t normally do this,” I apologize as I pull my vibrating iPhone from my pocket. My friend continues to tell me about her thesis while I restock the sushi bar or floor three of my tiny tower. I’m about to put my phone away again when I realise that the laundromat on floor seven also needs to be restocked. And an old lady is in the elevator, waiting to be taken to the apartments of floor eleven. “Sorry,” I repeat and chuckle nervously. “I hate it when people do this.”

Tiny Tower was developed by Nimblebit. It is available digitally via the Apple App Store.

Brendan Keogh is a freelance writer for such publications as Gamasutra, Hyper, Kill Screen, IndustryGamers, Pixel Hunt, and CraftHub. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter @BRKeogh.