Trenched Review (XBLA)

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<em>Trenched</em> Review (XBLA)

“Are we the West? Are we anything anymore? Is there a West if there isn’t an opposite force in the Soviet Union to define us?”

When I was young, the concepts of good and bad were easy to understand. These words carried none of the heaviness and uncertainty that I would later come to assign them: “Bad” meant enriching oneself at the expense of innocents or threatening to destroy the very planet on which we live; “Good” meant placing oneself in opposition to those who would pursue such goals. There was something appealing about this restricted morality, and it’s a part of what makes the tower defense genre such a winning formula: when the roles of aggressor and defender are so rigidly defined, there is no need for an intricate narrative—bad guys are coming to lay waste to your base, and you’d best do what you can to fight them off.

Trenched was developed by Double Fine and published by Microsoft. It is available digitally via the Xbox Live Arcade.

Dan Apczynski lives in San Francisco, California, where he is the education editor for Acoustic Guitar magazine and editor of the videogame culture blog Gamer Melodico . Find him on Twitter @DanApczynski.