Milli Vanilli's Vanilli Planning Comeback...With His Own Voice

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Fab Morvan—also known as Vanilli, from ‘80s group Milli Vanilli—wants to prove to the world that he can, in fact, sing.

Morvan and music partner Rob Pilatus (aka Milli) became infamous in the late ‘80s after it was revealed they were lip syncing. They were dropped by their label, sued by fans, stripped of their Best New Artist Grammy award and publicly humiliated.

Now, Morvan is planning a comeback, using his real voice. Working with Dutch DJ Tiësto and Eminem’s tour DJ, the Alchemist, the artist formerly knownas Vanilli is plotting a return with his first solo album since 2003.

The Alchemist confirmed his collaboration with Morvan in an interview with TMZ.

“I’m working on a joint with Vanilli,” he said, adding that there would be no lip-syncing. ”[He’s] making a comeback.”

A representative for Morvan also revealed that he had finished a song with Tiësto.

Morvan wrote on Twitter: “Whatever you read in the press is one thing, but you can be sure I’m coming with new music. By the way I never left, Music is life.”

“Girl, you know it’s true” when it’s on Twitter.

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