BlackBerry's RIM Plans to Launch Digital Music Service

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BlackBerry's RIM Plans to Launch Digital Music Service

Following the lead of services like Rhapsody and Spotify, BlackBerry makers Research in Motion are currently in talks of signing a deal to develop a digital music service of their own.

With the recent fall of smartphone operating system WebOS, technology insiders have speculated that BlackBerry, whose market share has gradually eroded due to the rise of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android systems, would be the next to fall. RIM’s rationale in adding a digital music platform is that doing so could help the company recoup some of its losses.

Deals between RIM and the major record companies are still in the negotiation stage and have not been signed yet, but confidential sources have reported to CNET that BlackBerry’s new musical service should be introduced to the market in a few weeks’ time.

As of now, it is rumored the service will cost $10. Additionally, unlike “cloud-based” music platforms like Spotify, which allow unlimited streaming, BlackBerry’s digital music service will likely limit users to sharing only 50 songs.