Fincher to Adapt 20,000 Leagues

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Fincher to Adapt <i>20,000 Leagues</i>

Jules Verne’s classic novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is set to be adapted. Again. The number of adaptations is now in the twenties, and most of them haven’t differed much from the one prior. There have been the occasional “modern” versions or ones that have been “loosely” adapted, but those typically haven’t fared well. David Fincher’s version will fall into the last category.

Armed with a lot of CGI and a script from Scott Z. Burns that is “very, very true to the spirit of the book” Fincher will direct a film that Burns says is more inspired by the novel than a direct adaptation. He didn’t go into heavy detail, but alluded that the script will follow very little, if any at all, of Verne’s original text.