Lindsey Buckingham Says Fleetwood Mac Will Return in 2012

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Lindsey Buckingham Says Fleetwood Mac Will Return in 2012

Lindsey Buckingham has an elaborate fall theater tour planned to support his new album Seeds We Sow, while Stevie Nicks has been selling out arenas the world over all year with Rod Stewart. Yet, much to the surprise of most fans and critics, a Fleetwood Mac reunion is more imminent than anybody thought.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist and all-around musical leader revealed that once his tour concludes at the end of the year, Fleetwood Mac will return.

As of now, concrete details are very much up in the air, other than Buckingham’s proclamation that they “will be doing something for sure.” Whether that “something” is a tour (likely), a new album (somewhat less so) or both remains to be seen. Buckingham explains being in a band with the stature of Fleetwood Mac means things are inevitably “political” and require tremendous coordination.

There is also talk that Buckingham and Nicks will release their 1973 LP Buckingham Nicks on CD, mainly because fans are rabidly requesting it. But that, too, is all tentative.

If Fleetwood Mac does indeed return, Buckingham will be accompanied by Nicks and the rhythm section of John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. Singer, pianist and songwriter Christine McVie regrettably will not, as she retired from the music business in 1998.