Watch the Shut Up Little Man! Trailer

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Watch the <i>Shut Up Little Man!</i> Trailer

The last thing anyone wants to hear from his or her landlord after signing a lease is “One more thing. Next door neighbors, sometimes a little bit loud.” Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, which now has an official trailer, documents what happened after Eddie and Mitch, a couple of punk-rockers from the Midwest find themselves shacked up in San Francisco, next door to Peter, a gay man, and Raymond, a homophobe.

Peter and Raymond’s slurred yelling matches of near-Bukowski proportion spurred an interesting preoccupation for Eddie and Mitch when they decided to record the violent odd couple’s back-and-forth. The recordings, released on CD, incited a cult following among screenwriters, playwrights and even Devo.

The film will have limited showings in the U.S. starting Aug. 26 and will be available On-Demand on Aug. 25. Check out the trailer below.