The Game Inspires Twitter Prank Against Compton Police

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The Game Inspires Twitter Prank Against Compton Police

It seemed to be both a demonstration of social networks’ far-reaching influence and a shot at the powers that be when popular rapper The Game pulled an unexpected prank on the Compton sheriff’s office Friday evening via Twitter.

As reported by the L.A. Times, he posted the station’s help line on his page and encouraged his 850,000 followers to call it, falsely advertising it as a “music internship.”

Over the next several hours hundreds upon hundreds of calls poured into the office inquiring about the internship—during which time officers had to wade through the plethora of prank callers to answer legitimate calls pertaining to missing persons, theft, domestic violence and more.

Overwhelmed, the station eventually discovered the root of the prank calls, which resulted in the captain asking The Game to remove the tweet. The calls subsided around midnight when The Game complied. He also blamed the prank on a friend. However, his subsequent tweets, which included open mockery of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (“Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders !”), suggest he may have played a larger part.

There is a chance the rapper could face criminal charges for obstructing justice and harrassment as a result of the prank.