Tortoise to Score Upcoming Film

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Tortoise to Score Upcoming Film

Chicago instrumental/experimental band Tortoise have been very inactive recently—in the past 10 years they’ve released just two albums—but the musically diverse collective has reared its head once again.

Sorry, but no, they haven’t recorded a new album, per se, and plans for a release in the near future are tentative at best — drummer Jon McEntire has at least stated he hopes the band can begin working on an album in the winter. But fans will at the very least have new Tortoise music in some form to delve into: The band just recently announced the completion of their film score for the upcoming horror flick, Lovely Molly.

More specifically, the movie, which details a woman who moves back to her hometown and is haunted by her childhood past, is a psychological thriller and was directed by Eduardo Sánchez of The Blair Witch Project fame. According to producer Gregg Hale, Tortoise was an ideal choice for the film’s soundtrack due to its ability to accentuate moods and morph according to the context of the script.

Lovely Molly will debut at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 14 at midnight.