Watch a Live-Action Short Film Based On Portal

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Watch a Live-Action Short Film Based On <i>Portal</i>

Valve, the creators of such games as the Half-Life and Portal series, are constantly pushing the boundaries of combining video games and great story elements. But Valve has never attempted to bring their groundbreaking games into the real world. Thankfully, director Dan Trachtenberg has decided to do it for them.

His short film Portal: No Escape is based on the video game of the same name. In the series, an unknown female protagonist is forced to undergo tests for a company called Aperture Science. The company gives her a Portal gun, which allows the user to transport distances by placing portals on different solid surfaces.

The main character of the short film, played by Danielle Rayne, is trapped in what looks like a prison cell, until she finds the Portal gun and decides to escape.

Check out the entire short film below: