Watch St. Vincent's New Video

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Watch St. Vincent's New Video

Feeling tied down by your family? Do the stresses of domestic life leave you feeling buried alive? If so, don’t fret: St. Vincent’s Annie Clark is on your side.

St. Vincent’s video for the song “Cruel” made its debut on the Huffington Post today. It features Clark in full-on housewife mode, being kidnapped and buried alive by her on-screen husband, daughter and son. It shows the singer flubbing domestic tasks like cooking, ironing and shaving her husband’s face. You have to wonder if this is what Clark was really afraid of when she says “Oh John, c’mon, we’ll do what Mary and Joseph did,” before hastily adding “without the kid,” in “Marry Me.”

She ends up dumped in a cavernous grave type-thing, singing with that same void-of-emotion face that appears on Actor’s cover before her dissatisfied family completely buries her alive. You can watch the video and read Clark’s blog about the experience here.