Jason Bateman to Go Indie for Next Two Films

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Jason Bateman to Go Indie for Next Two Films

While the Arrested Development film remains in development hell, Jason Bateman has to find something to do, right? Bateman has signed on to do two indie films which he will film back-to-back starting next month.

He will first film The Longest Week opposite Olivia Wilde, where he’ll star as a man living in the lap of luxury until he is suddenly evicted and cut out of the family inheritance. Wilde will most likely play Bateman’s love interest. Longest Week will be written and directed by Peter Glanz, who is the mastermind behind the web series The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks.

The second project is an ensemble piece called Disconnect featuring Alexander Skarsgard, Colin Ford, Frank Grillo, Andrea Riseborough and Michael Nyqvist. Bateman will play the role of Ford’s father as the film follows the lives of people who are affected by the Internet. Henry-Alex Rubin will direct.