Big Boi Wants to Record With Kate Bush

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Big Boi  of OutKast has one collaboration that he really wants to happen, and the artist is someone you wouldn’t expect at all.

“The only collaboration that I really want on my record is with Kate Bush,” Big Boi told Rolling Stone. “She’s got a new album coming out in November, so I’ve got my management team and record company, I’ve got little babies and squirrels looking for her. That’s the only thing that I want to happen right now. She’s an all around artist — producer, songwriter, performer.”

Apparently, the Atlanta rapper has been a fan of the English singer/songwriter since he was in sixth grade. His uncle turned him on to the musician that he thinks is the whole package.

“The ‘Kast’s music has been boundary free,” Big Boi said, “We listen to everything.”

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