Billy Corgan Tweets Finalized Oceania Tracklist

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Billy Corgan Tweets Finalized <i>Oceania</i> Tracklist

We posted an article in June that covered Billy Corgan tweeting a tracklist for the Smashing Pumpkins’ upcoming album, Oceania. Well, it turns out they’ve made some changes since then.

Earlier today, Billy Corgan tweeted a “finalized” tracklist of Oceania. Although the album doesn’t have an official release date yet, Corgan has tweeted that he expects the album to be released in early 2012. Strangely enough, Corgan’s previous tweet said “No cuts. 13 tracks it will be,” while then going on to list these fourteen tracks.

Furthermore, Corgan tweeted that album would be exactly 60 minutes and 9 seconds long. Click here for more info on the recently announced Smashing Pumpkins tour and Record Club updates, and check out the finalized tracklist for Oceania below:

1. Quasar
2. Stella P and the People Mover
3. Panopticon
4. The Celestials
5. Violet Rays
6. My Love is Winter
7. One Diamond, One Heart
8. Pinwheels
9. Oceania
10. Pale Horse
11. The Chimera
12. Glissandra
13. Inkless
14. Wildflower