Broken Social Scene Announce (Another) Hiatus

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If you’re familiar with Broken Social Scene, the headline shouldn’t scare you too much. But in an interview with Pitchfork, founding BSS member Kevin Drew talked about the band taking another (probably much-needed) hiatus after releasing Forgiveness Rock Record and touring behind it for 18 months.

So the band finishes off their North American tour dates at their Oct. 1 appearance in San Francisco, then they head to South America, and then they’re taking a break.

Drew confirmed the hiatus in a tweet today, which sounds a bit more permanent than the Pitchfork article made it out to be. You have to wonder what the line “last chance to see the band folks” really means: “KEVIN DREW CONFIRMS STOPPING THE BSS TOUR CYCLE FOR A LONG TIME: LAST CHANCE TO SEE THE BAND FOLKS.”

Pitchfork reports that the San Francisco show won’t feature BSS members like Feist and the members of Metric, but Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and Amy Millan and Evan Cranley of Stars will make appearances. The show will feature “mellow” and “loud” sessions. In the interview, Drew says not to fret too much about the band being gone forever, but the tweet later on in the day seems to say otherwise.

“With a family, you can’t ever say that it’s over,” Drew told Pitchfork. “You just can’t. I’ve always said we’ve made Fleetwood Mac look like a children’s band. And we have so much material—songs, B-sides, different mixes, live shows—all kinds of things we can release over the next few years to just keep the story going. I want to hook up with [You Forgot It in People/Broken Social Scene producer David] Newfeld again at some point.”

Drew also says in the interview that he, along with other BSS members like Brendan Canning, Andrew Whitefield, Charles Spearin and Justin Peroff will probably release records on their own.

?If you live in Texas, Colorado or California, you can still catch the band live before the hiatus. Take a look at their tour schedule here.

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