Casey Affleck, Camilla Belle Added To Paradise Lost

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Casey Affleck, Camilla Belle Added To <i>Paradise Lost</i>

As we told you earlier, John Milton’s classic epic poem, Paradise Lost has been set for a 2013 release date and casting news has started to release slowly. Bradley Cooper, was one of the first cast and will put his devilish charm to work as Lucifer himself. Angels and minor characters have been given actors, but over the weekend two actors were cast in central roles.

Camilla Belle has won the role of Eve, who fights temptation from Lucifer. While her Adam hasn’t been assigned an actor, the Archangel Gabriel has been. Casey Affleck will portray the six-winged angel who serves as a messenger to God. However, he soon finds himself alongside the angel Michael in a war against Lucifer and his demons.

Affleck will also be seen in the comedy-action film Tower Heist alongside Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy this upcoming November.