DreamWorks Making Live Action Version of The BFG

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DreamWorks Making Live Action Version of <i>The BFG</i>

The BFG, the book about a giant who becomes friends with a orphan girl, has been picked up by DreamWorks to be turned into a live action film.

The story by Roald Dahl was originally adapted in 1989 in an animated made-for-TV film, but now Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall of DreamWorks have purchased the rights for the story. The adaptation will be written by Melissa Mathinson, most well known for writing E.T. DreamWorks is also working on adapting the children’s book series The 39 Clues.

Roald Dahl has already had several of his stories come to the big screen. Previously, films have been made based on his stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox and James and the Giant Peach.